Association for the Study and Dissemination of Ancestral Medicines (AGNEYA)

Promotes Ayurveda and Yoga since 2013. They have a Higher University Course of Ayurveda at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Rosario (UNR) and the International Diploma of Ayurveda that reaches 26 countries. Both of them last 3 years. Dr. Lucia De Vincenti directs these activities and Master Gabriela Zarate teaches Yoga. In addition, since 2013 they make visits to India every year to deepen the knowledge of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda Me Sana

Online center for teaching and Ayurveda medical care and conscious nutrition. 

Asha Ayurveda

Space for Diagnosis, Treatment, Development and Research in Ayurveda with adaptation to the Province of Catamarca and neighboring regions. Located in San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca. Its profile is oriented to make Ayurveda Medicine and Yoga known, practiced and valued in our region.


Ananda Yoga Center

Officially founded in 1996 with the mission to spread the teachings of Yoga to all social strata, regardless of religion, economics or social status. Disciples of Paramahansa Yogananda, members of Self Realization Fellowship and Yogoda Satsanga Society of India.

Argentine Center for Ayurvedic Medicine and Health Sciences (CEAMA)

Inspired by the teachings of the ancient sages of Ayurveda, who had included "happiness" as a parameter and definition of health; it is a priority objective, from the institution I direct, to focus on the dissemination, education and training of the Vedic sciences, contained in the great body of knowledge called, Veda.

Latin American Center for Vedic Studies

Created for the dissemination and projection of Vedic Wisdom in the West, especially in Spanish-speaking countries. The CLEV offers knowledge about the Vedic Sciences, based on the original teachings of the Primordial Tradition, having as its main objective to approach from a deep spiritual vision, the millenary tools that have brought man closer to the integral development of his consciousness and the fullness of being in this world.


Eat Fit Maria

Therapist in Ayurveda Medicine, graduated from PDI Prakash Institute India, biodecodifier, art graduate and feminine transformational therapist.

Espacio OM School

Ayurvedic medical consultations for over 13 years, providing care, monitoring and control of patients through a personalized consultation in which a first diagnosis is made and then a balance plan appropriate to the nature of each person and their current needs. Activities activities 3 years ago and counting so far with about 600 students online.


Prema Ayurveda Health Foundation

Prema Ayurveda Foundation provides professional medical, nutritional and psychological advice and assistance. It conducts training courses for professionals and non-professionals. It teaches Ayurveda courses for professionals and non-professionals with the joint certification of the Argentine Medical Association or the University of Greater Rosario. It is a Collaborating Center of Gujarat Ayurved University (India) and has been designated as the Seat of the Chair of Ayurveda of the Ministry of Ayurveda of the Ministry of AYUSH of India.


Hari OM International

HARI OM International - School of Yoga and Ayurveda 

School dedicated to Yoga and Ayurveda Training (Yoga Teacher / Meditation Instructor / Ayurveda Consultant / Ayurvedic Yogatherapy Teacher / Specializations for yoga teachers / Yoga classes / open to the general public). 


Ayurveda Institute

Institution dedicated to transmit this wonderful ancient medicine from India, from love, help and holistic conception of being.


Mami Ayurveda

Integral medical care for children and adults, fusing ancestral knowledge of Ayurveda and modern science.
Online workshops on Ayurveda medicine.


Ayurvedic Nutrition

Nutritional counseling, habits and self-care routines. Personalized, respectful and with an Ayurvedic approach. Available online via video call.

Eva Nutrition


Project Mother

Integrates Personalized Yoga, Therapeutic Yoga and Ayurveda with the main purpose of accompanying transformation, healing and evolution processes of the students.


Sri Sri Tattva - School Of Ayurveda

School with the objective of deepening and preserving the knowledge of Ayurveda, in its purest form. It was born in India, as an organization of The Art of Living, under the foundation of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. And since 5 years ago, present throughout Latin America, with its base in Argentina.


All Health

Lic Maria Candelaria Jacquelin, Nutritionist.


Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia San Juan Bosco - Argentine School of Yoga and Ayurveda

The Escuela Argentina de Yoga y Ayurveda was born on May 18, 1998 as an evolution of a group of Yoga Centers located in different regions of our country, where it currently has its headquarters.

Ayurvedic Universe

Food based on plants and with an ayurvedic look, as it allows me to integrate knowledge of ancestral medicine, medicinal plants, spices and flavors.